Young Adult Life

Welcome to the First Seventh-Day Adventist Church Family and welcome to Young Adult Life (YAL)! 


Who We Are:

  • Young Adult Life is an active ministry geared towards enriching the lives of 18-35 year olds at the First Seventh Day Adventist Church of West Palm Beach


  • To develop a closer walk with Christ while developing a more intimate relationship with young adults. 


  • Develop a sustainable ministry platform

  • Support system for the life and spiritual journeys of young adults

  • Young adult integrated into overall church life through service

  • End goal of young adults being in key leadership roles in the church

  • Young Adults actively providing leadership development and mentoring for older high school students. 


Spiritual Growth, Personal Development, Service, Accountability and Fellowship   

Elements of Young Adult Life:

  • YAL Sabbath School

    • Sabbath mornings  10-11AM

  • YAL Bible Study

    • Daily at 5AM via ZOOM


Upcoming Events & Announcements

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Past Events


Contact Information

Team Members

  • Catherine Ebanks
  • Keithia Bryan
  • Sasha Lowe
  • Ashley Jackson
  • Lydie Leveille
  • Line-May Narcisse
  • Marliano Smith
  • Romario Brown
  • Shanell Foster
  • Kim Peart
  • Guimel Gonzales